What's the difference between deleting a tester and revoking their access?

This page is now deprecated. For the latest version, please click here.
Beta gives you control over which apps and release versions testers can download using the Revoke and Delete features.

Revoking access to a specific release prevents the tester from downloading it. Testers who have had access revoked can still download future releases if they are included in the distribution and revoked access can always be restored.

Note: If testers have already downloaded the release, revoking access won't prevent the tester from installing and using the app.

Deleting testers removes them completely from your organization– they won't be able to download any versions of your apps and won't appear in your list of available testers. When testers are deleted, historical behavior will be kept across your apps and they will continue to appear in the list of testers associated with a release.

Note: Deleting a tester cannot be undone. To include deleted testers in future distributions, they will need to be re-invited.

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