Missing line numbers in native crashes

This page is now deprecated. For the latest version, please click here.

To properly symbolicate & process native crashes, we need the symbols from your shared objects. Typically, ndk-build produces two sets of binaries; release and debug. Our symbol gathering process will generate a symbol file on your machine using both sets of binaries.

The paths to the debug and release binaries are controlled via the androidNdkOut (default: ‘src/main/obj’) and androidNdkLibsOut (default: ‘src/main/libs’) properties, which can be modified if necessary.

To fix crash reports missing line numbers, you need to upload the generated symbol file. Based on the way you’re building your app, run one of the following commands from the project directory to upload symbols.

Ant: ant crashlytics-upload-symbols

Gradle: ./gradlew crashlyticsUploadSymbols{Flavor}

For example:./gradlew crashlyticsUploadSymbolsRelease

Once symbols are uploaded for a build, all future crashes will be properly symbolicated including line numbers.

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