Uninstalling the Crashlytics Mac App & Android Plugins

This page is now deprecated. For the latest version, please click here.

Uninstalling the Mac App

Make sure the Crashlytics Mac app is not running before attempting to uninstalling it. You can close the Mac app by using the gear icon in the lower right hand corner, then selecting "Quit".

Once verified that the Mac app is no longer running, navigate to your "Applications" folder on your Dock!

To uninstall the plugin, simply drag Crashlytics onto your Trash.

And... you're done!

Uninstalling the Android IDE Plugins

Android Studio / IntelliJ

Start by navigating to "Android Studio" in your menu bar, and select preferences.

Next, select "Plugins" from the sidebar, and then choose "Crashlytics Plugin for Android Studio / IntelliJ". You should see an option to "Uninstall Plugin".

Select Yes to complete the process!


First, you need to get to the Eclipse installation details. On a Mac, navigate to the Menu Bar and select "About Eclipse", or on Windows, this will be under "Help".

On the following screen, choose "Installation Details" on the about eclipse page.

Now select Crashlytics from the list of installed software, and press "Uninstall".

Complete the process by pressing "Finish"!

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