Beta Distribution with iOS build servers

This page is now deprecated. For the latest version, please click here.
If you're building through a build server, it's easy to make those builds ready for distribution. We even made two ways for you to do this!

1) Add an Archive Post run script action using the following command:
${SOURCE_ROOT}/Crashlytics.framework/submit <API_KEY> <BUILD_SECRET> -emails, -notesPath ~/Notes/ReleaseNotes.txt -groupAliases GroupAlias,GroupAlias2

2) To manually run the submit tool, execute this command after your build server has generated the .ipa:
/path/to/Crashlytics.framework/submit <API_KEY> <BUILD_SECRET> -ipaPath /path/to/my.ipa -emails, -notesPath ~/Notes/ReleaseNotes.txt -groupAliases GroupAlias,GroupAlias2

Emails, releases notes, and groups are all optional, but if you want to automate your distributions through CI, just add them :) 

         -emails            list of individual addresses (comma-separated)

         -groupAliases      list of group aliases from web dashboard (comma-separated)

         -notesPath         absolute path to .txt file

         -notifications     enables/disables email notification to testers (YES|NO)

Not seeing crashes?
Now that beta distro is set up on your build server, just make sure that your project's targets each have their Run Script Build Phase. We still use that to upload the dSYM to symbolicate crashes!

Need your API key or Build Secret?
Select your org at: and click on the links right underneath the org's name. 

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