macOS/tvOS app Support in Firebase

Great question, and so glad you reached out to us!

MacOS and tvOS are currently not supported with every Firebase product, however Crashlytics will work.Firebase Crashlytics supports reporting Catalyst, macOS and tvOS crashes. Here are things you need to keep in mind:
  1. You can create these apps as iOS apps in the Firebase console. If you have an iOS app with the same bundle ID that already exists in Firebase, then you will have to create your macOS/tvOS app in a separate Firebase Project.
  2. At this point you are unable to use Crashlytics features that depend on Google Analytics (e.g., Crash-Free Users, Velocity Alerts, and breadcrumbs) with Catalyst, macOS and tvOS apps.
If your app was onboarded with Fabric and then migrated to Firebase, your app will show up as an iOS app on the Firebase dashboard. Until March 31, you will be able to see crashes on both the Fabric/Firebase Crashlytics dashboards. You can also onboard directly into Firebase with macOS and tvOS apps, which will appear as iOS apps in the dashboard. We have no timeline for adding full Analytics support at this time.

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