How do I localize the Send Crash Reports dialog?

This page is now deprecated. For the latest version, please click here.
You can localize the "Send Crash Report" dialog within Crashlytics by following the steps below. 

If you want to set this up, then your app must include a standard strings file called "Crashlytics.strings" in your project's localizable resources.

We use the following keys:
The presence of any one of these keys for any language will override any settings in our web UI.

However, you still must use the web UI to control the presence of the "always send" button and the prompt dialog itself.

This is a sample version of the Crashlytics.strings file:


"CrashlyticsCrashSubmissionPromptTitle"     = "Send Crash Report?";
"CrashlyticsCrashSubmissionPromptMessage"   = "Looks like we crashed! Please help us fix the problem by sending a crash report.";
"CrashlyticsCrashSubmissionSendTitle"       = "Send";
"CrashlyticsCrashSubmissionAlwaysSendTitle" = "Always Send";
"CrashlyticsCrashSubmissionCancelTitle"     = "Don't Send";

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