Why don't I see data from my first crash in the dashboard?

This page is now deprecated. For the latest version, please click here.

If you're getting started with Crashlytics,

  1. Make sure our SDK line is after all other 3rd-party SDK lines. (We need to be last one called in your appDidFinishLaunching method.) 
  2. Force a crash and then relaunch the app. Xcode must be disconnected to stop it from intercepting the crash report. To disconnect Xcode, follow the instructions here 
  3. If you're using our [Crashlytics sharedInstance] crash]; to test crashing, make sure it's not in the appDidFinishLaunching method.

If you notice that you're suddenly missing some crash reports, we might be missing a dSYM that we need to process the crash.  For data fidelity reasons, we only display crashes that we can symbolicate. 

We're improving visibility into this, but for now if you suspect this might be an issue, just contact us.

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