I'm stuck at the "Run Script Build Phase" stage, what do I do?

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Stuck at this screen? 

There are a few reasons why this could be happening.

1. Adding a Run Script Build Phase

Some developers have never added a run script build phase before. We've created simple graphical instructions on how to do so. Click here to see them.

2.  Run Script Build Phase vs. Scheme Post-actions

Our run script will only work from a target run script build phase and not a scheme post/pre action. (Schemes actually copy the contents of the script and run it from a temp file that is not relative to your project. Targets will run the script contents relative to the project they belong to.)

Check that the Crashlytics run script is the last run script in your project target's build phases.

3.  Path Issue  

You've added the Crashlytics run script build phase, but the script might not be pointing to the Crashlytics framework.  This can happen if you move the Crashlytics framework, but don't update the run script to point to the framework's new location.  

Crashlytics: run script executed, document paths do not match (expecting <path>)

Check out this article for more info.

And feel free to contact Support if you're still having issues -- we're here to help!   

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