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  1. Beta 

    1. What's the difference between deleting a tester and revoking their access?
    2. Beta distributions with Enterprise certificates in iOS 9
    3. How do I invite testers to test my app?
    4. How to change your organization's Build Secret
    5. How do I automatically send out distributions to testers?
  2. Answers 

    1. When is Answers data sent from an Android device?
    2. When is Answers data sent from an iOS device?
    3. Session Length for Answers
    4. How does conversion tracking work on iOS?
  3. Canned Responses 

    1. MVP - Customer Migration - UV
    2. Issue Numbers Deprecated
    3. Member Invite - Member not seeing the app on Dashboard even though it exists in their Org.
    4. Change Reporting Time and Currency
    5. Crashlytics and GCP in China
  4. General 

    1. Can I add other apps to Crashlytics?
    2. How do I delete my app?
    3. How do I invite team members?
    4. Uninstalling the Crashlytics Mac App & Android Plugins
    5. What device identifiers does Crashlytics use?
  5. Organizations 

    1. How do I add a new team member?
    2. How do I create a new organization?
    3. How do I manage permissions for my organization?
    4. How do I transfer my app to another Organization?
    5. What's the difference between admins and members?
  6. Crashlytics for Mac 

    1. Stuck on "Verifying Installation..." Fabric Mac onboarding step
    2. Can I make the dSYM uploading only on release builds, instead of every build?
    3. I have multiple versions of my app. How do I add them all to Crashlytics?
    4. What's a dSYM file and why do you need it?
    5. Why doesn't it upload the dSYM on every build?
  7. Crashlytics SDK for iOS 

    1. Do you support metadata?
    2. Does Crashlytics capture exceptions?
    3. How do I set user information?
    4. Why don't I see my app's icon in Crashlytics?
    5. Some of my application's frames do not have file/line number information!
  8. Crashlytics SDK for Android 

    1. Do you support metadata?
    2. How do I force a crash using the Android SDK?
    3. Logging Caught Exceptions
    4. How do I set user information?
    5. Why don't I see data from my first crash in the dashboard?
  9. Android Build Tools 

    1. Do you support build tools for Android?
    2. Android Studio and IntelliJ with ProGuard
    3. Eclipse with ProGuard
    4. Ant
    5. Maven
  10. Dashboard 

    1. Can I control which email notifications I receive?
    2. Customized email notifications per organization
    3. How do I search issues?
    4. Can I toggle whether or not a user needs to give permission to send a crash report?
    5. How do I see issues that are closed? For only one of my versions?
  11. Integrations 

    1. What kind of third party integrations does Crashlytics support
    2. How do I configure a custom Web Hook?
    3. Why don't I see a crash in my integration?
  12. Troubleshooting 

    1. I'm stuck at the "Run Script Build Phase" stage, what do I do?
    2. Does Crashlytics support CI or build servers?

    1. Missing dSYM
  14. All articles 

    1. Can I add other apps to Crashlytics?
    2. Do you support metadata?
    3. Do you support metadata?
    4. Missing dSYM
    5. Do you support build tools for Android?
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